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For centuries, the royals of India have defined what luxury means, to the world – magnificent palaces, exquisite handwoven silks; elaborate feasts that took hours to prepare; long aromatic baths and massages; sensuous beauty rituals; and the finest calibre of classical art, music, dance, craftsmanship and, design and architecture.

Today, India is a great destination for luxury travellers looking not only for the most luxurious hospitality options but also the most unforgettable luxe experiences. Because ultimately, luxury is not about the money. It is about a lifestyle, a unique experience, a rare privilege, sometimes a once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Rediscover an unhurried, gracious, and elegant age of travel wrapped in romance, royalty, and understated opulence. Inspired by the imperial carriages used by the maharajas of yore, India’s luxury trains are a beautiful blend of rich heritage and contemporary comforts; distinguished for their privacy, decadence, and impeccable hospitality. Your rail sojourn will take you to see world heritage sites, forts, palaces, wildlife reserves, beaches and backwaters, temples and monuments as you travel through the spectacular Indian countryside.

Enjoy a holiday on water with a luxury backwaters cruise or a houseboat stay in Kerala or experience a heritage river cruise on the mighty River Brahmaputra in Assam. In the verdant hills, stay in beautiful coffee or spice plantation bungalows (in Coorg, Karnataka) or in idyllic colonial-era tea estates (in West Bengal) that offer breathtaking views all around, fascinating plantation/tea garden walks, acres of deep woods, winding rivers, and charming villages. Brimming with history and grandeur, the Chettinad region of Tamil Nadu is famed for its centuries-old magnificent mansions and deliciously peppery cuisine. For an authentic experience of how the Chettiar community here once lived, stay at any one of their several palatial homes restored and converted into heritage hotels. Don’t miss the antique shops, tile workshops, and the weavers’ colony here.

Experience the romance and elegance of royal living with a stay at one of the many palaces and fortresses converted into luxury heritage hotels in Rajasthan. The old-world charm of regal architecture, antique furniture, lavish interiors, beautiful linens, and fine dining showcases the rich heritage, culture, and history of the region.

Discover and explore India’s thrilling wilds even as you stay in the most luxurious tents and resorts in wildlife sanctuaries across the country.

Its tee time as you enjoy a luxury golf holiday – from the oldest golf course in the world (in Kolkata) built outside of the British Isles in 1829 to the world’s highest green golf course in Kashmir. For a truly classic experience tee off on heritage golf course against the backdrop of majestic monuments. All this while you stay in some of India’s finest hotels.

Try a luxurious yet rejuvenating wellness break in Ayurvedic centres and specialty resorts in Kerala, Karnataka, and the Himalayas. Discover yoga and meditation at tranquil retreats that introduce you to holistic yoga programs, satvik meals, personalised wellness menus – all this in a luxurious environment.

Drawing from ancient Indian traditions of healing, wellness, and spirituality, luxury spas at some of the most luxurious hotels, resorts, and destination spas across India offer superb spa therapies to relax and rejuvenate you in uplifting settings.

Enjoy spectacular vistas of the landscape, people, and scenery; get a bird’s eye view of magnificent monuments and dazzling colours of Rajasthan as you soar the skies in a rainbow-hued hot air balloon. Experience the pleasures of wine tasting on a personalised trip to India’s wine country in Maharashtra; take lessons in wine pairing and tour lush vineyards.

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