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North India Tours by Holxo

North India

Probably the most visited Indian region, North India still never ceases to surprise and impress you with its mind-boggling diversity, events & activities

Even as the loftiest mountains on earth tower over India’s north, the region offers remarkable contrasts in terrain and climate. Behold the beautiful hill states of Jammu and Kashmir (home to the cold, high altitude plateau of Ladakh), Himachal Pradesh, and Uttarakhand with their icy glaciers, alpine forests, deep valleys, azure lakes, and mighty rivers.

The magnificent ranges of the Himalayas soon give way to the vast, grand flowing Indo-Gangetic plains. This is a fertile region – comprising Punjab, India’s frontier country and the land nourished by five great rivers; and Uttar Pradesh, the heart of centuries-old heritage, history, and culture in the north. In the north-western corner, Rajasthan reveals the golden, sultry sands of its stunning desert – the Thar – across which stand the breathtaking fortresses and palaces of its valiant warrior kings. Flanked by all these states lies Haryana, the land where two historic battles were fought and an epic written. Today, its farmlands are fast shaking off their charming rural trappings to emerge as hubs of education, sports, and IT services. Resting strategically between Haryana and Uttar Pradesh is India’s stately capital city, Delhi. The metropolis is usually the first port of call for travellers in North India.

There is much to explore, discover, and experience in this land of conquests, empires, dynasties, travellers, and confluence. Phenomenal monuments and world heritage sites, ancient cities that still exist, gorgeous wildlife reserves, thrilling adventure sports in the mountains, and a dazzling diversity of people, cuisine, culture, and religion.

North India Tours

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