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Himalayan Views, Marvelous Temples and Charming People- Welcome to the land of Everest!

Though landlocked between India in the south, east, and west, and China in the north, Nepal towers over its neighbours with its Himalayan terrain run over with mountains, alpine pastures, and temperate forests. A monarchy for several centuries, Nepal was declared a republic in June 2008. Kathmandu is the capital and cultural heart of Nepal.

The beautiful Himalayan nation is home to Sagarmatha – better known to the world as Mount Everest, the highest mountain on earth and Nepal’s most enduring icon. Uniquely, of the world’s 10 highest mountains, eight – Mount Everest (8,848 m), Kanchenjunga (8,586 m), Lhotse (8,516 m), Makalu (8,463 m), Cho Oyu (8,201 m), Dhaulagiri (8,167 m), Manaslu (8,163 m) and Annapurna (8,091 m) – lie in Nepal.

Trekkers can enjoy over 150 trekking routes that are enhanced by the warmth and hospitality of the local people, flavourful ethnic cuisines, outstanding natural beauty, and great cultural diversity. The Great Himalaya Trails, an extensive network of trails, cover Nepal from Humla and Darchula in the west to Kanchenjunga in the east – making the diversity of trekking experiences in Nepal quite unparalleled in the world.The Terai – Nepal’s gorgeous lowlands region in the south – is an expanse of forest and grasslands that preserve and protect some of the densest and most diverse wildlife habitats in the subcontinent. The country’s national parks will surprise and reward you with unforgettable moments – tropical jungles and treetop canopies, majestic tigers, magnificent elephants, rare rhinos, fluorescent butterflies, spectacular birdlife, and rivers with crocodiles and dolphins.

Mountain flights and panoramic views. Fabulous adventure, hidden wildlife, and gorgeous birdlife. Deep forests and Himalayan trails. Secret kingdoms and pre-historic caves. Medieval cities and world heritage sites. Ancient tradition and craft. Rich culture and extraordinary celebration. Earthy villages and warm homes. Beautiful indigenous peoples. Indomitable spirit. Food, flavours, and comfort. Faith, prayers, and healing. Magic and mysticism. The Buddha’s birthplace.

Welcome to Nepal. Come to Nepal.

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