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A Trip to Tamil Nadu – Behind the Scenes

Testimonial by Srilekha Ganesan, Hawaii

Dear Sonali and Mr. Vashi,

Our trip went well and we are all back home. All the hotels were perfect and the services were excellent. The food was very good and my group is vegetarian (I request that from the Americans who go with me be vegetarian while on the trip), we had fabulous vegetarian food everywhere in Tamil Nadu. The train rides were perfect and all the papers were in order. We celebrated the 10th anniversary of our charity school, and had a great time in Tamil Nadu.

Danish Fort at Tranquebar
Danish Fort at Tranquebar
Terracota Horses
Terracota Horses
Gangakonda Cholapuram
Gangakonda Cholapuram

Destination / Region:

South India (Tamil Nadu)


Srilekha is one of the many residents of Indian origin settled in Hawaii. She hails from Tamil Nadu and her love for her motherland, India, made her organise trips for her friends traversing the length and breadth of Tamil Nadu (from Chennai to Kanyakumari) for its beaches, temple heritage, crafts, culture and a thorough experience.

Srilekha discovered us through the internet and as she would later admit that besides us, she also approached atleast a dozen other travel companies.


There was nothing standard and Plug&Play about what Srilekha wanted. We had to organise a trip to Terracota Horse makers, ancient temples, organise good local guides, restaurants for cuisine experience, book train tickets and ensure that we booked hotels at locations where there were only a few good quality rooms available.


Srilekha and our team were able to build a connect instantly as we had already explored the areas she wanted to visit with her group and had a lot of precise recommendations. We already had good working relationships with most hotels and were able to put through a quote quickly.

Time was spent deciding experiences at every destination and enroute. However, once it was all decided, the next apprehension was about payment methods and insurance. Srilekha soon discovered that the credit card payments from US had an insurance attached to it and our payment gateway allowed her to make payments without any hassle.

The trip went off extremely well and it ensured Srilekha’s return for the next 4 years exploring other parts of South India.

Recommended route: Chennai arrival – Mahabalipuram – Pondicherry – Thanjavur – Madurai – Courtallam – Tuticorin – Bangalore

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